Daniel Gottschalk


Born 7th December, 1972 in Saarbrücken, Daniel Gottschalk collects his first cameraman experiences on different short films. In 2002, with “REC Kassettenjungs/Kassettenmädchen”, he begins a long lasting and successfull work relationship with german director Marco Kreuzpaintner. One year later they both debut on the big screen with “Ganz und Gar”. This work is shortly followed by the very successfull coming-of-age-story “Sommersturm” (2004). In 2008 he is nominated at the “German Film Awards” for his brilliant efforts on the socially-criticizing thriller “Trade” (2007), again directed by Kreuzpaintner. In the lavish, star-studded Ottfried Preußler adaptation of “Krabat” the two are once more working together. Along his cinematography career, he is also active as cameraman for advertising/commercials (McDonalds, Nike..) and music videos (Rammstein, “Links 2-3-4”..).